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Summer Time Protein Frappes

Now that we’re finally seeing some sunshine in the UK I’ve been craving a nice ice cold Frappe from Starbucks. But as I’m sure you’ll understand they are filled with sugar and cream and just no good if you’re watching your macros. Last month I was also lucky enough to have P-Fit  send me out the […]


Energy Granola Bites

These energy granola bites are designed to be a replacement for the energy bars that are on the market. Its a quick and the reward for the the effort is crunchy, nutty, sweet bites that packed with cinnamon-ny goodness.


Rich Chocolate Protein Pudding

As I’ve said before I love all things chocolate and sweet. Sometimes just a simple rich chocolate pudding is all I want. So it’s no surprise that I’ve been experimenting in the kitchen to make a chocolate protein pudding as an alternative to the sugary store bought versions.


Protein Peanut Butter Truffles

As a self confessed chocoholic I’m always looking for sweet treats. If there’s anything I love more than chocolate it’s peanut butter. So I can’t imagine anything better than them both rolled into one!


Roasted Tomato Salsa

My go to dip of choice is salsa, it goes with everything. I find store bought salsa overly tangy just a bit boring. So here’s my quick and simple homemade version that’s always a crowd pleaser.


Protein Mac ‘n’ Cheese

To me there is nothing like a cheesy pasta bake and lets be honest, the type I’m talking about is all carbs and fat and a big no no when you’re trying to eat clean. I have a recipe here that’s a game changer; its under 500 calories and packs in a fantastic 56g of protein per portion, while still being rich and comforting.


Protein Pizza

OK hands up who loves pizza? What if I said there was a way to have pizza throughout the week that was tasty, quick and good on the macros. Well there is, here’s my recipe for a clean, moreish pizza.

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