Hi guys, I’m Iraa and this blog and Tasty Macros Youtube channel was set up by me and my fiancé Adam earlier this year. In a nutshell, it’s a space to find balanced, macro friendly recipes and meal ideas. Through the channel and blog I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks for eating clean without sacrificing flavour and variety.

So how was the idea born?

Well I come from a family of foodies, when we get together there’s always some tasty treat on the go. We love all things food, growing up, I was spoilt for choice by my mum who is an amazing cook. Everyday I came home to be greeted by delightful aromas from the kitchen and a delicious spread waiting for us. So I never really needed to hone my skills in the kitchen. When I moved for Uni my mum was awesome enough to make me pre portioned curries and chapatis so I wouldn’t be without a good home cooked meal. After a week of this I decided I wanted to learn my mum’s recipes and start experimenting. Before long I loved being in the kitchen and was excited to see what creation I could come up with.

Fast forward a few years, I met Adam at Uni and he was the opposite of me, he loved sport and fitness. If you’ve met me, you know I don’t do sports or running. It’s just not safe with my clumsiness, trust me. Eventually he convinced me that the gym wasn’t evil and he would design me a programme that I enjoyed and helped me get fit. Part of the programme was to eat clean and track my macros, as a vegetarian, unless I lived off protein shakes it was hard to get my protein in for the day. This got boring very fast and I was losing motivation.

I wasn’t willing to lose out on tasty meals and took on the challenge to tweak family recipes for curries, pastas and pizzas to be more macros friendly and most importantly tasty. Very quickly, most, if not all, of our meals were made with macro friendly recipes. Even when we had friends over we were sticking to our macros. Our friends kept on asking me to write the recipes for them and that’s when Adam and I thought lets create a blog where we can collate them all. And so Tasty Macros was born.


Tasty Macros
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