5 Essential Kitchen Gadgets

I love all things food and cooking so am happy to spend a Saturday afternoon pottering about and rustling up snacks and meals, but through the week I need things fast. There are a few tricks and kitchen gadgets I rely on to make flavour packed meals.

Here on the blog, I will be doing a series of posts for my kitchen essentials. The kitchen gadgets and staples you’ll always find in my flat.


1. Digital Scales £6.99

Kitchen Gadget No.1 Digital LCD Scale


It’s an obvious one but my number one go to in the kitchen. A good scale is a must and it doesn’t have to break the bank, like these LCD scales.


2. Food Processor £29.99 for set

Kitchen Gadget No.2 Food Processor

There are lots of fancy food processors out there but there is a great starter set by Andrew James on Amazon is the one I have and would recommend. I use it to chop up veggies for my omelettes throughout the week. It’s also perfect to make an array of dips and sauces. For me its the most used kitchen gadget after my scales.


3. Pestle & Mortar £8

Kitchen Gadget No.3 Mortar & Pestle

The quickest way to pack flavour into your meals is spices and pastes. This pestle and mortar is always nearby for when I want to add a kick to a salad dressing or make a quick paste for stir fry.

I have this Jamie Oliver Granite Pestle & Mortar one. They can be pricey in some stores but I grabbed it in the home section of TK Maxx for £8. I’ve linked to the one on Amazon, (but it is at a higher price).


4. Hand Blender £29.99 for set

Kitchen Gadget No.4 Hand Blender

This hand blender was part of the Andrew James set and comes in handy for making big pots of soup or my favourite, Tadka Daal.


5. Stand Mixer £299.95

Kitchen Gadget No.5 Stand Mixer

OK I know this is a luxury item. I have this Kenwood Kmix in Raspberry Red. I was lucky enough to be spoilt one Christmas by Adam. It is great for making batters and doughs. Mine gets a good work out on holidays as I love to bake.



Are you spotting a theme? Most of my kitchen gadgets are red. It started with the stand mixer actually, and now they’re all a shade of red. It’s Adam’s favourite colour so its no surprise I got the mixer in that colour as a gift.

Well there you have it, my 5 essential kitchen gadgets for cooking up flavour packed, healthy balanced meals. Throughout the week I’ll be reaching for one if not all of these at some point. If you subscribe to our Youtube channel these will definitely be making an appearance.

Next in the series will be my 5 essential savoury store cupboard staples.

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